Your blog probably won’t direct you to the cover of Forbes, but just about anyone could make some money. You simply need to approach it concentrating on the same diligence and work ethic as anything else.

Moreover, it helped to get started on thinking about it from the beginning, rather than 2 years later when you understand that you picked a niche with no profit. If you’re already in this theme, don’t worry – this section can help you squeeze some extra income out of your blog.

Once again, everything starts with keyword research.

Researching Products to Review

One of the best tips on how to make money from a niche site is to recommend services and products that are related to your audience. Not only will your visitors be predisposed to having faith in your tips, but search engines like Google also tend to rate user reviews from trusted weblogs highly.

The result? You earn a constant stream of affiliate marketer commissions from the products which you analyze.

In the long run, advertising services for a commission is considered the the easy way produce a sustainable revenue from creating online article content. Rather than taking a nominal fee for allowing an individual promote on your own blog, you can have a reduce of the income on your own. The main difference could be huge, especially if you stick to it for several years.

For my friend’s mixed martial arts blog, we’ve got a lot of possibilities to promote related items. Several of the best key phrase results for “boxing gloves” are matched to gear that each one boxers need to purchase, such as safety gloves, shorts, and other clothing. Using Keyword analysis tools, let’s check out the first few “boxing gloves” key phrase:

Do you understand the chance in this case?

Just from this 1 keyword, we have got a list of different types of gloves that fighters are interested in. My good friend could review and promote these items as an internet marketer, collecting a small fee every time one of his visitors bought the item.

I’m not sure whether it will be the perfect affiliate product, but after performing a fast research on Amazon for “boxing equipment,” it seems that we could earn some income by advertising them via its affiliate program:

From what I understand, Amazon will pay about 8% on such products, based on your sales volume. Therefore if my buddy could promote a lot of different merchandise, he might earn about $1-$4 per sale, just on the gloves. Include the rest of the products, and he’d have a number of options for profit.

If you’re planning to monetize your blog, keyword research tools are essential. They help you figure out how to perfect generate income from your website traffic, as well as how to enhance your posts that will help you bring in the best revenue.

You may have realized that it’s important to use many different keyword research tools within this series. That’s because each has different strengths. You’ll find a similar options from all of them, however, many are a little better at a couple of things than others.

You can find more information about free keyword research tools.

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